Carlton Social Club


Carlton Social Club is always on the lookout for new members, so if you are interested in becoming a Member then please call into the club and fill out a new membership form.


Our New Member Fee is £10.00. This is now payable upon application for membership and your membership will then be processed within 28 Days and you can then call into the club and pick up your membership card & door entry card.


You will then pay £7.00 a year to keep your membership active. (Includes 0.80p Discount Card Fee)


Members Now get discounted drinks at the bar wth our new membership cards. Another great reason to become a member.


Been a member allows you to book the Concert Room as well as attend our AGM & Other Special Meetings to make sure you have a Club to be proud of. We are also looking into doing alot more Member Only promotions too make it even more attractive to become a member of this fantastic friendly Club.


CASHBACK NOW AVAILABLE!! You can now obtain cashback from behind the bar. £20 or £30 cashback is available using a Debit/Credit card.

£1 charge applies per transaction.


If you require any more information then please Contact Us


Alternatively if you would like to become a member then fill in your details below and we will contact you


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